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Post by Pokenin on Fri May 30, 2014 2:41 pm

The RPN is obviously based around Roleplaying. It's main playerbase is on BYOND, a gaming network thing where you can play or make your own games via coding. It formed in 2010 when the group was called HBZ (Hedgehog Ball Z which was an old RP which originated on Heroes United, a game on BYOND.). In 2013 it was made into the RPN with it's current members. At one time, the RPN had around 25-30 members, but I accidentally deleted it. Now, we have some members, but we are still looking for more members. If you have anyone who RPs, well, they don't need to RP but they at least need to like playing video games and not be an asshole, link them to these forums and ask them if they want to join.

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