Regarding this Forum...

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Regarding this Forum...

Post by Pokenin on Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:37 pm

Hi! Hello, it's your neighborhood admin, Pokenin! I made this entire "IMPORTANT" Forum Category just for this post today.
As you can see, the forum is dead. It's been.... What? Two years. That's a lot of months. It feels much like a piece of history, you know?
The very last forum post was on June 28, 2014.
It's been over two years and it's a shame that this place is dead.
Actually, no, no it's not. There are so many better ways of communicating but this one was a nice public archive.
However, an archive of cringe. This place is full of cringe from our younger years and because of that, I have half a mind to lock most topics of out of shame. I'm also expecting us to be on some top 10 cringiest forum list, as most of the things we did were jokes but also really cringey. I mean, we had 11 users on at one point and there's entirely too many views on the posts.
Doing so would stop the chance of a revival from this place, but that is almost impossible at this point.
I'm worried about some random internet trolls just coming in making a ton of replies when this forum is 1000% dead, and i'm not even here to check it every few months anymore like I do now. (However, I only do that for the sake of nostalgia).
It'll probably be decided in a few months (or another two years).
Anyways, just know I haven't forgotten about this, and if any of the other members come here, welcome! Read this! Please!
(I still really like the idea of me having Rukia and Ryuko as a representation of me in anything)

As a throw back to old times, I gotta finish off this post with this.
Until next time. (Whenever the hell that is.)

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